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How to Eat a Hot Dog Like a Boss

by James Brooks | July 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

July 4th is this Friday, and we want to make sure your hot dog eating technique is on-point. We already taught you how to grill like a boss, now it's time to learn the art of proper hot dog eating. It really boils down to your stance and confidence. Let's face it. It's difficult to look like a classy gent while eating a hot dog, but with the proper attire and stance, you'll be the hot dog king of Independence Day.

The Double Fist

 Why settle for one hot dog at a time when you can have two?

Key things to note here are his posture, his show of patriotism, and general badassery. While holding two hot dogs, always be ready to pass one off to a friend or the pretty girl standing next to you.

The Lady and the Tramp

Because doing it with spaghetti has been done before.

What you need: one hot dog, one pretty girl, and a whole bunch of confidence. How can she turn you down while you're wearing that awesome American bow tie? You get to eat some delicious hot dog treats and then kiss a girl at the end. Why? Because America. 

The Old Fashioned

One hot dog, one hand, one man.


Think you can pull these off this July 4th? Share it with the world on instagram and tag @bedfordbroome 


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How to Grill Like a Boss

by James Brooks | June 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

In the spirit of July 4th, we're here to help you hone your grilling skills and make everyone around you line up at your grill with plates in hand. As a modern renaissance man, make sure you're the one in the driver's seat. Follow this quick guide to make some really ridiculously good tasting food.

The Meat

Just like anything else, it all starts from the ground up. In this case it starts with the proper meat selection. Is there a good butcher in your area? If your answer is "yes", pay him a visit, get to know him, and have him butcher up some choice meats for you. Bonus: you'll be able to say to your friends "I have a meat guy." 

These gents know a thing or two about meats.

Here's a quick way to select quality meats without the help of a butcher. There are two families of meats when it comes to beef and pork; luxury cuts and working cuts. Your luxury cuts generally come from the back of the animal - rump, rib, and loin - and they are more tender and tasty on the grill. Working cuts - shoulder, leg, and flank - will be a tougher meat and is better suited for stews or slow-roasts. While you can put the working cuts on the grill, you're better off spending a few extra bucks and getting the finer cuts.

For chicken and smaller game, we suggest looking for free-range organic. The chicken will be a bit smaller, but the flavor and health factor more than make up for it. 

The Marinade

A marinade can make or break your meat. There are many options when it comes to the marinade or seasoning. We'll focus on one - rub and season. A great way to add flavor to your meat is by doing a salt rub followed by an herbal seasoning. Follow these steps and give it a try:

  1. Wash the meat and pat dry with towel
  2. Place meat on large plate, take a handful of salt and start rubbing into the meat
  3. Let meat sit for 30 minutes 
  4. Wash salt off meat under faucet, pat dry with towel
  5. Place meat on plate again, add seasoning to taste (rosemary, pepper, jerk seasoning, garlic - your choice!)
  6. Meat is ready to hit the grill

Another tip for you, avoid using any marinades with too much sugar. It will burn on the grill and taste charred. Knowledge dropped.

Time to Hit the Grill

Whether you're using a gas grill or charcoal grill, every grill has its "hot spots". Put your hand over the grill (not too close unless you want a grill shaped brand) and feel where the hot spots are. Place your thicker cuts of meat over the hot spots and make sure to watch those spots more closely to avoid burning. Slight burning and charring adds nice flavor, but too much will kill the flavor of the meat.

One flip wonder. Give your meat time to cook without over-cooking it. Use a meat thermometer to help you achieve that perfect tenderness, and flip the meat when it is half-way done. Perfect grill marks, check.

Perfect grill marks. This could be your steak.

There you have it. A quick and easy guide to making some perfect grilled meats. You don't need to over-do it. Keep it simple and refined. Grill responsibly and make sure you have a beer in hand. Make sure you look the part of the modern renaissance man and make it a dapper July 4th

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How to Honor Your Father

by James Brooks | May 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters - George Herbert

He taught you how to throw a ball, work with your hands, and about the birds and the bees. He helped shape you into the well-rounded modern Renaissance man that you are today. He’s been there to pick you up when you’re feeling blue and humble you when you get too big for your britches. You can give him credit for most of the wisdom and common sense you possess. A wise man once said, “My father taught me all that I know. I just wish he had taught me all that he knows.” Keep that in mind the next time you need advice or guidance. With the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, we’re taking this opportunity to give you a few examples of how to honor your father.

Write a list of valuable lessons your father has taught you

Think of some things that your father has taught you over the years. Write them down and show them to him on Father’s Day. He’ll be proud that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Here are a couple examples from one of our founders: “My father taught me to always keep my workspace clean, to keep a daily journal, and how to have a strong work ethic.”

Ask him for advice

We said this before, but we’ll say it again. Your dad will feel a sense of pride when you come to him for advice. Do you need help with a decision at work? Ask away. He’s got a few years of experience on you so listen carefully.

Carry on his values

Every dad has a core set of values, and it’s important that you carry those values with you. Does your dad treat everyone with respect? Is he a fair businessman? Does he value a hard day’s work? Make sure you carry those values with you and make your dad proud everywhere you go.

Quality time

Spend quality time with your dad as much as you can. Does he like golfing? Go play a round. Maybe he likes hiking. Plan a day trip and pack some celebratory cigars for when you reach the summit. Make yourself available and be proactive about planning activities.


These are things that you should do all year long, but with the emphasis being on Father’s Day right now, we thought it was a good time to clue you in. Bottom line, make your dad proud and show him what a damn good job he did raising you. 

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