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The Art of the Patch Tail Necktie

by James Brooks | July 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Before we even get into how to wear one, let’s define what one is. A patch tail necktie is different from a standard necktie in one way and one way only: the tail of the tie is a different and contrasting color than the front of the tie. There you have it. Same shape, same way to tie it, but so many more options when it comes to styling and how to wear it. Let’s break it down and get you on the road to Dapperville.

The Sullivan Necktie, the thoroughbred of patch tails.

The Hideaway

Not feeling very daring today? That's fine. Take the tail of the patch tail necktie and tuck it into the loop. This will keep the contrasting tail hidden and will keep the focus on the subtle details of the tie. A great styling tip here: notice how the cut-away collar shows just a sliver of the red and white striped tail next to the knot. Observant passersby will do a double-take and shower you with compliments.

The Sneak Peek

You want to show off that contrasting tail a bit and stand out from the crowd. Leave the tail outside of the loop and let it swing freely. Another tip for pulling off this look: use a tie clip to keep the tail poking out. The tie clip will keep your tie in place and keep the tail out for the world to see. Now put your shoulders back and walk with confidence because you look like a million bucks.

Nothin' But Tail

How about some free-tailin'? Watch out because you'll literally stop traffic with this one. Bring that tail out from its hiding spot and let it grab attention all around. Don't use a tie clip to keep your tie in place, rather let it move around and keep that tail in plain sight. Now go bust down some walls with your daring and dashing good looks.


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Wear It Like You Stole It: Hawthorne Bow Tie

by James Brooks | July 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

In this week's edition of "Wear It Like You Stole It," we show you how to look like a confident and dapper son of a gun at work. It's already common knowledge that wearing a bow tie exudes a high level of confidence, but a reversible diamond point bow tie? Now that's just ridiculously confident. Fear not gentlemen, a reversible diamond point bow tie is just like a regular bow tie but with extra options. Options are a good thing. Options in your Scotch selection, options for your plan later this evening, or options in the way you want to tie your bow tie. 

In the words of our good friend Ryan (pictured below), "The Hawthorne bow tie paired with my glorious beard makes random strangers give me compliments." There you have it gents. This is a lethal combination so make sure you wear your bow tie responsibly.

To learn the different ways to tie a Bedford & Broome reversible diamond point bow tie, read our post The Art of the Diamond Point Bow Tie.

"The Hawthorne bow tie paired with my glorious beard make random strangers give me compliments."


Shop the Look

Hawthorne Bow Tie by Bedford & Broome

Custom shirt by Marcella

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Style Guide: A Very Dapper Memorial Day

by James Brooks | May 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Patriot: The person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about - Mark Twain

Many of us think of Memorial Day as a day off from work with the necessary gathering of friends complete with a barbecue and yard games. This might be true, but keep in mind what the purpose of Memorial Day is; a day for us to remember the service men and women who have given their lives for our dreams and way of life. This Memorial Day, show your veterans a sign of respect and dress up for the occasion.  

As a modern renaissance man, be the friend that organizes a nice dinner or get-together with a group of your friends. Since you’ll be the host, you’ll need to dress the part. Our recommendation: blazer, button down shirt, colored chinos, a nautical-themed necktie and a pocket square. Effortless summer style.


Summer time calls for light fabrics: linen, cotton, or light wool. Lightweight wool can be surprisingly cool in the summer, so don’t shy away from a nice lightweight wool even if the forecast calls for a hot day. Stick with lighter colors such as blue, tan, or light gray. Keep the color of the blazer neutral and add color with your chinos, necktie, pocket square, and socks.

What’s in our closet: these uber-dapper blazers from our friends at Black Lapel. Go the extra mile and get a made-to-measure blazer. After all, the fit of the blazer makes all the difference.

Button Down Shirt

You’re going for a clean and crisp look so go with a solid color or basic pattern. White is always a good option – especially if you’re leaning towards rocking a blue or gray blazer – but if you want to add a block of color, go with a light blue or light pink. When it comes to patterns, we recommend a subtle gingham. A timeless summer pattern that you can’t go wrong with.

What’s in our closet: you can’t beat Uniqlo when it comes to value. Grab yourself a couple everyday shirts at a great price.


This is where you get to go bold. Choose a bold color like red, blue, green or yellow and wear your color with confidence. We especially like blue or red for this season. A light color blazer – light tan, light gray or white – paired with blue or red chinos will look spot on for a festive Memorial Day celebration.

What’s in our closet: slim fit chinos from Top Man


Go patriotic with our Sullivan Necktie. Take the nautical theme, mix in some red, white, and blue, and you have yourself a patriotic addition to your Memorial Day gear. 

What's in our closet: Our very own Sullivan Necktie

Pocket Square

Make sure whoever is looking at you isn't inundated with patterns. Your tie is patterned so stick with a more simple pocket square that adds a nice accent to the color pallet you're working with. Keep your pocket square look refined by going with the Presidential fold.

What’s in our closet: Our very own Wooster Pocket Square


Most important of all, have a fun and very dapper Memorial Day. 

- Mr. B


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