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Holiday Gift Guide: The Businessman

by Kagiso Reed | December 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

Hold your wallets good sir/lady. This holiday season doesn't mean that you have to break bank for a loved one. It has dawned on us that some may not know exactly what to get that dapper man in their life. Don't you worry your pretty little head. We have created 12 simple guides you can use to buy for the different men in your life.


The Business Man

We all know a businessman in our lives that could use some edge in their closet. This character is usually dressed dapperly in a suit, tie and cap toe balmoral shoes (which isn't wrong). With this gift guide you will be able to make that special guy feel even more confident in his wardrobe. Every item that we chose for this gift guide has a purpose. The list of accessories for The Businessman can be seen below:

The Business Man Gift Guide

Hudson Necktie
The light pin dot gives a quite edge with the charcoal suit
The Wolf of Broome Street
For those fun-loving businessmen let it out, the Wolf of Broome Street socks show nothing but a burst of pure character
Lafayette Wallet
Yes your wallet holds money but it can also look money
Wooster Burgundy Pocket Square
Your pocket doesn't have to stand alone when you posses a pocket square of this caliber

    With these few tips you will become the Holiday Hero


    Happy Dapper Holidays!

    - Mr.B



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