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Wear It Like You Stole It: Varick Bow Tie

by James Brooks | October 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Classic style with a twist: the Bedford & Broome mantra. The Varick bow tie is a great example of how our design philosophy works. A classic burgundy and white pin dot diamond point bow tie in the front paired with a grey and white stripe back material. You can tie this bow tie in four distinct ways to fit your mood and pair with your choice of shirt, blazer or suit. The hardest part about wearing the Varick bow tie will be responding to all the compliments rolling in.


Ready to hit the bar with friends? Loosen up your tie and transition from work to play.

Shirt - Uniqlo

Pants - J Crew

Bow Tie - Bedford & Broome Varick Bow Tie

Bracelets - Bedford & Broome Clifton Leather Bracelets



Simple and refined. The Broome way.

Shirt - Marcella

Bow Tie - Bedford & Broome Varick Bow Tie


The Four Sides of the Varick Diamond Point Bow Tie

The Sneak Peek: classic burgundy and pin dot with a touch of contrasting reverse material showing.

The Splitter: business on the sides, party in the middle.

The Reverse: flip the tie over and turn it into an entirely new piece.

The Reverse Splitter: reverse the tie and show that contrast of burgundy color down the middle.

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