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A Girl's Take on Guys' Style: How to Spice Up Your Man Cave

by Jeanne Mack | September 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

The other day, one of my guy friends asked me how he should try to spice up his apartment. Looking back on it, I wish I had made a snarky comment about cinnamon and pepper and cumin. But it is a good question, so here are my suggestions for Spicing Up Your Apartment: 


To make a living space less dull you have to inject color into it. But since it’s unlikely that you can or will paint the walls, you can get color in with: 

-A few rugs. Not all-over carpet, that’s gross. A nicely placed rug under a table or along the length of a hallway can add a lot of color. I like the look of oriental rugs, very classy. 

-Pillows on the couch. Calling them throw pillows makes me picture my Grandma’s house, but I do love me some pillows. There are tons of shapes, sizes, colors, styles out there. Stripes or geometric designs would be my pick for a guy’s apartment. And they make everything more comfortable! 

-Pictures/posters. Either big ones or a bunch of smaller pieces grouped together. One of my friends hung up album covers from his favorite bands in rows on an empty wall and it looks awesome.


If all the furniture in your apartment is some variation of a wood finish… then the motif that you are working with is… Brown. Add in some extra color or change things up with furniture that is NOT brown, and then you can use that new furniture to customize the place even more!

For example:

-Coffee Table: You can lay out coffee table reading, cool coasters, too many other knickknacks to name.

-Bookcase: For books (a very novel idea, I know), albums, DVDs, line wine bottles along the top of it, whatever you collect and have a bunch of, you can display here.


Having a mirror out in the living room or common space is a good way to bring more light and depth into the room. You can strategically place mirrors to reflect and emphasize any windows or the views/colors on opposite walls.

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