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A Girl's Take on Guys' Style: 6 Ways to Transition From Summer to Fall

by Jeanne Mack | September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

6 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall:

Although the weather was recently more humid, hot, and disgustingly sweaty than it had been all summer, have some faith in the fact that Fall is right around the corner. That magical time of football, tailgating, maybe even apple picking, and yes- pumpkin spiced everything. It’s always sad to say goodbye to beach season, but the transition from Summer to Fall can be easy, quick, and painless with these 6 key pieces:

1. The Denim Jacket

This is a great piece to throw over really any type of shirt to instantly make the shirt (and the guy) look a lot cooler. Wear it with a dress shirt and tie to give a classy outfit some extra style.

J Guillermo from Elliptical Patterns Blog sporting his denim jacket and Bedford & Broome goods

2. Plaid Button Down

Since it’s definitely still too warm for flannel, now is the time for a light, plaid button down shirt. You can use it unbuttoned over a T-shirt for casual days or buttoned and with a bow tie or tie for dressier, but not outright formal, occasions.

2a. Buttoning UP - That's right, I threw a 2A in there.

I’m sure you’ve seen guys wearing their button down shirts buttoned all the way up to the very top button. Whether it’s long sleeve or short sleeve. And while this might feel strange or like too much of a fashion statement for some, I’m here to tell you that I really like how it looks. And not just for hipsters. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with this look since it might actually serve the purpose of giving you a bit of added warmth around the neck for brisker Autumn days.


3. Tortoise Sunglasses

These are a seamless carryover from Summer, but they look perhaps even better in the Fall, once the leaves start to change and the coloring of the tortoiseshell matches everything around you. They go with any outfit you could possibly throw at them.

Denny from Look Rich Shop Cheap wearing some tortoiseshell shades to keep the paparazzi camera flashes at bay

4. Cuffed Pants

Put the shorts away and bring the pants back out. But, as a way to compromise between shorts and pants, you can cuff the bottoms of your pants and roll them up! Not just suits or dress pants, roll up the hem of your jeans, khakis, and chinos. Just make sure the pants are straightleg and not too long or baggy. Fold the cuff as many times and as thick as you want to. And this is probably the best time of year to bare a little ankle so you should fully indulge.

Cuff 'em up gents. Hint: remember these socks and the leather wrist band. You'll be seeing much more of them.

5. Socks

On the flip side of cuffed pants are: Socks. For a little later in the season, when your toes start to freeze without any cloth around them. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard of “sock game”. I respect a man whose socks bring something to the table. They don’t have to be anything too flashy or showy, but it’s a chance to have some fun instead of just a boring old black/blue/gray sock. AND - if you are especially proud of a certain pair, then keep the pants cuffed to show a glimpse of those socks off.

6. Vests

Vests are the perfect layering piece. You can wear them over short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, sweatshirts. You can wear them under jackets. There are down vests, denim vests, dress vests, really any material you can think of. They go with everything and can be worn casually or formally (except probably not down vests for formal wear). Vests can solve any problem. They are probably the key to unlocking world peace. And they are especially perfect for colder Fall weather when you still just can’t quite bring yourself to face the prospect of winter and don’t want to break out a heavier coat.

Our friend, actor Andy Striph, embracing the Broome side of things with this fine wool vest.






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