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An Introduction To: A Girl's Take on Guys' Style

by Jeanne Mack | September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

The truth is that a guy with a sense of his own style is incredibly attractive. I don’t mean that, in order to achieve that level of appeal, he has to completely master all aspects of style-- if that were the case I would feel too self-conscious to ever wear anything but a garbage bag around this hypothetical dreamboat person. But I do mean that he has to know what he likes, and be able to think for himself about what he wants to wear.

The idea of a man deferring to his significant other, peers, friends, and worst of all -- mother (no guy past the age of 15 actually does that, right??) to decide what brand to buy or whether he should wear a certain shirt and tie combo speaks to a latent insecurity and lack of confidence. Style should be about your own personal choices, not about your mom’s choices for you.

The irony of using a style blog to tell people not to look for others to dictate their own style is not lost on me. But I’d hope you people realize this blog is not enforcing any fast and hard rules; it’s just a chance to get ideas for what you actually like from our pictures and words. See what’s out there, beyond the everyday brands and looks you’ve already heard of and know. And please take everything that I, a girl who frequently wears an overall dress out in public, say with some large grains of salt. Unless the topic at hand is cargo shorts. In that case, follow my instructions to the T......... BURN THEM. 

 Jeanne Mack will be filling our blog with her eloquent words each week in the series "A Girl's Take on Guys' Style". Gents, don't miss the valuable advice that this temptress has for you - Mr. B

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