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Wear It Like You Stole It: Willoughby Necktie

by James Brooks | September 08, 2014 | 0 Comments

We're about to make you the best looking guy walking down the street this Fall so get ready to thank us. It starts with the Willoughby tie and everything else falls right into place. What you'll need: a blazer, dress shirt, slacks, hat, Bedford & Broome, and some of your favorite man-cessories. Oh, and a very large bouncer to keep the crowds of flocking women under control. 

 It's not how you sit on a yacht, it's how you sail it.


The Oufit

Blazer - Go with a solid color to keep it refined and elegant, the Broome way. High Black Lapel, low Zara.

Pants - Solid or patterned, complimentary color to your blazer and shirt. High Bonobos, low Uniqlo.

Shirt - The tie has a strong pattern so keep the shirt solid and subtle. High Marcella, low Uniqlo.

Hat - Add instant style and class with a classic fedora. High JJ Hat Center, low Urban Outfitters.

Tie - A good looking tie like that must be a Bedford & Broome. No high or low here. Just high quality at an approachable price because that's what we do.

Pocket Square - Take a guess. Yep, that's the Bedford & Broome Wooster pocket square with burgundy pearl stitching.

Man-cessories - Add your favorite pair of shades, tie clip, watch, and other wrist accouterments for bonus points!

 Hunter S. Broome aboard the HMS Daffy (dapper as fuck)


"Where are we going Captain?" "Straight to Dapper-ville"

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