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Wear It Like You Stole It: Thompson Bow Tie

by James Brooks | September 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

We all have style icons that we look up to. There's the iconic celebrities, the famous designers, and those friends in your circle that just always seem to have the right thing on. They know who they are and have a strong idea of their personal style. On such example, and the guy that will make you say "How can I be as cool as that dude when I'm grown up?", is Ignacio Quiles of Sartorial Pairings. Always impecabbly dressed and with a beard that commands a room on its own, Ignacio is well-known in the NYC fashion scene. So without further ado, we bring you this week's Wear It Like You Stole It with a couple examples of how to wear our Thompson bow tie.


You will also look like a boss while wearing the Thompson Bow Tie

Want to go for the Bedford alternative look? Ignacio nailed it with the Bowler hat and the cuff links and tuxedo studs that pop off the white. The Thompson bow tie with its gray chambray, blue striped seersucker, and diamond point cut makes for a talking piece to begin with. Add some of your personal style elements like a favorite hat or jacket to make this look your own.


Refined elegance and instant charm

Aaron Wester of The Modern Otter keeps it refined and simple. A burgundy shirt with a subtle pattern provides a great backdrop for the bow tie. There's quite a bit happening with the bow tie so there's no need to go too pattern crazy with your shirt. Try mixing it up with your shirt colors until you land on something you like. Find some neutral colors in your closet or grab a custom shirt from the guys at Marcella. You can thank us later.


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