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Wear It Like You Stole It: Norfolk Necktie

by James Brooks | July 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

We've done it. We designed and produced your next favorite necktie. Navy chambray with the navy polka dot patch tail for that extra something special. Add this one to your arsenal of ties and we guarantee it will be your go-to necktie. This week on "Wear It Like You Stole It" we show you one way to wear this very versatile necktie; casual with a sophisticated edge. We bet you'll be able to seal that next deal at the office or wrestle down a grizzly bear with this bad boy on.

Instant handsomeness guaranteed


A neutral color with a checked pattern. Keep the shirt a bit understated and stick with neutral colors. Nothing too bright or bold. The subtle color and pattern will keep the focus on the contrasting tail of the necktie. Our friends over at Marcella will set you up with a custom shirt at a damn good price.


The Norfolk patch tail necktie. Try this bad boy on and you won't want to take it off. The navy chambray and navy and white polka dot tail are a match made in heaven, and you'll find many different ways you can wear this tie. Learn how to perfect the Art of the Patch Tail Necktie and make the most out of this tie.


When it comes to jeans, there are a couple ways you can go: inexpensive jeans from the big stores like Uniqlo or Gap that will last you a few months or spend a bit more and get some quality and rugged jeans that will last you a few years. We stumbled upon this New York City brand and the look and price seem just right for what you get. Check out Left Field NYC and upgrade your jeans game.


Our friends at Martenero have designed your next statement timepiece: The Martenero Ace. This New York City brand is making some great timepieces complete with automatic movements, customizable features, and very visually appealing faces. A reboot of the classic pilot watch, the Ace was designed for versatile style and legibility at a glance. Unleash your inner Maverick and wear this one to your next karaoke night of Top Gun's "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." Warning: you'll become an instant heartthrob. 

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