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Appearance is Perception

by James Brooks | July 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

You've heard it a hundred times; “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” If that’s the case, shouldn't you always be ready to make the best first impression possible? Sure, you can slack off and forget to wear a tie or wear that old pair of shoes that somehow still makes the cut, but we’re here to make sure you do better than that. Important day ahead? Lock down that sales deal or impress your peers at an event with your subtle attention to detail. In this case, we’re not just talking about your wardrobe. Your demeanor speaks louder than words. Follow these steps, and trust us, they’ll notice even if you don’t think they do.


Be the best you can be. We’re not asking you to change your personality or mannerisms. Rather, our suggestion is to put yourself in a mindset that makes you the best you can be. Focus on the positives. Put yourself in a “happy place” and think positive thoughts. Your mentality and train of thought is reflected in your body language much more than you may think. Positive thoughts lead to positive change, so make sure you’re in the right place before your next important task.

Body Language

Think of your mother’s words: posture, smile, gesture. Keep them in mind when you walk in to a room. Matter of fact, keep them in mind whenever you are out and about. Posture: stand tall, shoulders back, command a presence.  Smile: keep a bright look on your face. Not nearly enough people smile during their day. Make sure you are the exception. Trust us, people will return your friendly gesture. Gesture: speaking of gesture, use your extremities while speaking. Talking while gesturing has proven to be 6-times more effective than speaking without gesturing. Put your passion and emotion behind your words, and speak with your body.


This is where we (and our fellow menswear brands) step in. In our opinion, the modern renaissance man should always be over-dressed. Remember, you can never be over-dressed, but you can always be under-dressed. Key things to think about: fit and details. Fit: Not too tight, not too loose. Take a cue from the fine gents at Black Lapel and Marcella. They provide made-to-measure suiting and shirting at an attractive price. In today’s online fashion world, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy made-to-measure. Take the time and do it right. Details: There are so many details to think of when putting together the perfect look. Let’s rattle off a few. Your shirt cuff should extend a half-inch past your suit jacket cuff. Your tie should just touch your belt line. Your tie clip should clip on between your third and fourth shirt buttons. Notice the break in your pants. If they’re too long, they will bunch up on your shoes. Too short and you’ll look like you’re going digging for clams. A shorter break means you’ll be showing off your socks more often. Make sure you have some eye-catching socks on. When it comes to ties and bow ties, study our Art of the Diamond Point Bow Tie and Art of the Patch Tail Necktie to learn how to add an extra bit of detail to your look.


Now go forth, look your best, and good things will come your way. Share your first impression look with us on Instagram @bedfordbroome and you’ll have the chance to be featured on our Instagram. Keep it classy fellas.

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