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Wear It Like You Stole It: Wilson Necktie

by James Brooks | July 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

What screams summer more than some good old fashioned baseball? Beach and a surfboard maybe, but for being in the middle of Manhattan this is pretty damn summery. We originally made the Wilson Necktie because of its simple refined look. Add a touch of signature Bedford & Broome styling and you have yourself a necktie that will rise to the top of your necktie stash. The blue gingham check is the perfect pattern for warm weather, and it will dress up any seemingly casual outfit. The first round of Wilsons that we produced flew off the shelves, so back by popular demand, say hello to Wilson. Fresh from our shop in Brooklyn.

Suns out guns out

Each week on Wear It Like You Stole It, we show you a look and then break it down for you to copy. This week we're showing you a very versatile look. One that you can wear to the office and then roll up your sleeves later to throw a ball or meet friends for a drink. Now let's break it down and let you unleash your dapper self.


A denim button-up shirt is a wardrobe necessity. The perfect relaxed casual look and transitions very well into Fall when it comes to layering. Check out this denim shirt from Uniqlo and add one to your wishlist.


Chinos chinos chinos. Who doesn't love a good pair of chinos? Start acquiring some of these bad boys and get yourself a few different colors. Stick with earth tones and neutral colors. They will work well with the shirts you have in your closet. In this case, check out some chinos from Bonobos.


The Bedford & Broome Wilson Necktie. Blue gingham check on this bad boy gives you your next favorite summer tie. Take one for a test drive and prepare yourself for compliments.

The rockstar look. Keep a pen in your pocket to sign autographs.

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