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Wear It Like You Stole It: Hooper Bow Tie and Thompson Pocket Square

by James Brooks | July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Take a look at this image and the first thing you notice (after the majestic beard of course) is the simplicity of the outfit. There’s nothing complicated or over-the-top about this look. Rather, our good friend J Guillermo takes things back to basics. Let’s break it down from top to bottom so you can re-create the look.


He’s wearing a tweed blazer which adds plenty of texture to a look. Notice the elbow patches, a great bit of detail and also good elbow protection for the un-expected arm wrestling match. Keep the color basic and think Earth-tones.


Simple white goes a long way. Don’t confuse the situation by adding a patterned shirt. Keep it simple and go with solid white or a very subtle color such as light blue or light lavender.

Bow Tie

Add a splash of pattern and color. The Hooper Bow Tie is just the right fit in this case. The plaid is trendy and you can never go wrong with blue. The solid shirt makes the bow tie stand out, and adding a bold pattern with your shirt would be too much. There’s a time and place to mix patterns, but when going for refinement make sure to stay away from over-doing it with patterns.

Pocket Square

Key word here: compliment. Go for a pocket square that compliments the color palate you’re working with. In this case the color that stands out is the blue in the bow tie. Notice how the Thompson Pocket Square has a subtle bit of blue in the pearl stitching (the detailed stitching along the edge of the pocket square). You don’t want your pocket square to match your bow tie or shirt, but it should definitely compliment your choice of color.


Simple blue jeans. Enough said. Add a sense of comfort to your look and keep it casual yet sophisticated.

Wrist Game

Wear a nice watch (check out Martenero) and some wrist accessories to add some finishing touches and detail to your look. In this case a classic watch and bracelet do the trick.

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