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How to Say "Hello" in 15 Languages

by James Brooks | May 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

You’re out for drinks with clients and a new client from the Japanese office is there to meet you. Do you stumble over your words as you flip back through the filing cabinet to scrape together a Japanese greeting? Or are you “Johnny on the spot” and come out with a quick Konnichiwa? As a modern renaissance man, make sure it’s the latter.

Of course we don’t expect you to know how to say “Hello” in all 6,500 spoken languages just yet, but these 15 should get you well on your way.

Mandarin - The highest number of speakers in the world. This is a must.

Ni Hao

Spanish - If you don’t know this one yet, clearly you haven’t eaten enough tacos.


Hindi - After seeing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a trip to India was added to your bucket list.



Arabic - With over 350 million speakers worldwide, you ought to know this one.

As-salām 'Alaykum

Russian - From Russia with love.


Portuguese - The World Cup is in Brazil this year. Start brushing up on your Portuguese.


Oi (Brazil)

Japanese - Tokyo is a must on your travel list.


French - Paris, the city of love.

Salut / Bonjour

German - Prepare for your trip to Oktoberfest.

Guten Tag

Italian - Because your knowledge of Italian should extend beyond the words pizza and ravioli.



Turkish - Turkish coffee is delicious. Enough said.


Vietnamese - Treat yourself to a Banh Mi sandwich while learning some Vietnamese.

Chào bạn

Chao Anh (to an older male)

Chao Chi (to an older female)

Korean - Some of the best BBQ around.


Irish (Gaelic) - Make sure you can speak the local tongue while you’re out visiting the Guiness factory.

Dia dhuit

Klingon - In case you ever meet a Trekkie. This will knock them off their feet.


15 ways to say “Hello” down, 6,485 to go. Be a modern Renaissance man and embrace the world.




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